By 2050, the CCC’s Sixth Carbon Budget calls for 80% of UK electricity from INTERMITTENT WASPPs.

Turning the useless electricity from IMPORTED wind and solar power plants (WASPPs) into despatchable (24/7/365) electricity will cost £31.15 billion each and every year, FOREVER!!!!!

Conversely, the 635 TWh/year of despatchable electricity from UK-MANUFACTURED, advanced Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) will cost just £8.11 billion per year.

The message from powerful WASPP lobbyists like renewableUK and National Grid, with daily support from the media, convince most politicians and the general public alike that WASPPs are the cheapest way to generate electricity.

It’s obfuscation and deceit in pure forms, and truth must prevail.

Politicians will realise how enormous subsidies are the only way pseudo [or hoodwinked] green fund/bank managers can profit.

The World's #1 Fan of the BWRX-300. The lowest cost/MW nuclear power plant (NPP) that has ever been designed or is ever likely to be designed. Build starts 2024