Should a Public Service Broadcaster, funded by License Fees, have ‘internally-derived’ agendas? That is: Should it ‘Propagandise’ information?



A Perfect Planet. Series 1:5. Humans

At 45:52, Jeremy Rifkin said: “…The Sun does not send us a bill; the wind does not invoice us. Coal, oil, gas, uranium — they’re expensive. The Sun and wind is free…”

Mr Rifkin is a pro-renewables advocate of massive influence who…

Gas-fired backup plant ‘turn’ this intermittent electricity into usable 24/7/365 electricity. The overnight capital cost (OCC) + fuel cost totalled £31.93/MWh. This electricity is NOT ZERO-CARBON!

21 UK SMR nuclear power plants (NPPs) will generate 79 TWh per annum for their design life of 60 years, with near 100% certainty of an economical life-extension to 80 Years.

The OCC will be £37.8 billion, equating to £0.63 billion/year.

In respect of the fuel cost per unit…

All fossil fuel burning will ‘disappear’ from electricity generation by 2050. It has to be greenH2-fuelled gas turbines as the least-worst option!!!

For 1 year from 01 January 2020, WASPPs generated at an average power of 9.01 GW (See Infographics below). This represents the actual power level required for despatchable, 24/7/365 electricity, totalling 78,927,600 MWh over the 365 days of the year.

"...according to the Climate Change Committee (CCC), UK low-carbon investment each year will have to increase from around £10 billion in 2020 to around £50 billion by 2030, continuing at around that level through to 2050..."

That extra £40 billion is to decarbonise all sectors.

I make it £31.83 billion [part cost] just to decarbonise the electricity sector following the CCC's recommendations.

But because of the 25/30 years lifespans of WASPPs, the plants being built now will have to be decommissioned and new plants built to replace them.

The £31.83 billion per year, will carry on every year - FOREVER!!!

Advanced nuclear power plants would reduce that figure to £8.41 billion per year:

Turning the useless electricity from IMPORTED wind and solar power plants (WASPPs) into despatchable (24/7/365) electricity will cost £31.15 billion each and every year, FOREVER!!!!!

Conversely, the 635 TWh/year of despatchable electricity from UK-MANUFACTURED, advanced Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) will cost just £8.11 billion per year.


Decarbonising the electricity sector means only low-carbon electricity and green hydrogen (greenH2), manufactured from low-carbon electricity, can get the UK to net-zero. Where electricity cannot be used directly or through batteries, greenH2 will decarbonise the rest: the heating, transport and industrial sectors.

But first, electricity generation has to be…

BWRX-300 SMR: The world’s most cost-effective NPP

The World's #1 Fan of the BWRX-300. The lowest cost/MW nuclear power plant (NPP) that has ever been designed or is ever likely to be designed. Build starts 2024

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